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Can Speeding Cost Me My License in Illinois?

 Posted on April 03, 2024 in Traffic violations

Kane County speeding defense lawyerSpeeding is one of the most common traffic violations in Illinois. It can carry harsh penalties and leave you facing long-term consequences such as fines, losing your driver’s license, and jail time. Suppose you have been charged with speeding or repeated speeding violations. In that case, it is important to work with a knowledgeable Illinois speeding defense lawyer to try and minimize the impact of any speeding charges you face.

Illinois Penalties for Speeding

The state of Illinois takes speeding seriously and uses a points system for traffic and speeding violations. Receiving three or more charges that result in points on your license within a year can result in driver’s license suspension or revocation for drivers older than 21. In contrast, drivers younger than 21 can receive a license suspension after two offenses within 24 months.

In addition to the potential loss of your license, other Illinois penalties for speeding include fines and jail time. Depending on how fast you are driving, you may face the following penalties:

  • Speeding between 1 – 20 mph over the posted limit: $120 ticket and points on your license
  • Speeding between 21 – 30 mph over the posted limit: $140 ticket and points on your license
  • Speeding 26 mph to 35 mph: Class B misdemeanor, carrying fines of up to $1,500 and up to six months in jail
  • Speeding 35 mph or more over the posted limit: Class A misdemeanor with fines of up to $2,500 and up to a year in jail

It is important to note that speeding 26 to 35 mph or 35 mph or more over the posted speeding limit is classified as aggravated speeding in Illinois. Depending on whether you are speeding in a school zone or a designated work zone, you could also face additional fines, jail time, and immediate suspension or loss of your license.

Are Illinois Speeding Charges Serious?

Facing a speeding charge, even a minor one, in Illinois should be taken seriously because of the consequences it can have on your future. Speeding violations and aggravated speeding offenses can make it hard to find employment, especially if you operate commercial vehicles. They can also land you with a criminal record that makes it hard to navigate your future, resulting in the loss of a driver’s license.

Contact a Kane County, IL Speeding Defense Lawyer

Obtaining the assistance of an Elgin, IL speeding defense attorney can help you learn about your legal options and ensure you have someone to advocate for you in court when it comes to reducing the impact of a speeding violation on your future and criminal record. Attorney Brian J Mirandola has over 20 years of experience with criminal law and will advocate for your rights and future after a speeding charge. Contact The Law Office of Brian J. Mirandola at 847-488-0889 for a free consultation.

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