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Kane County Illegal Search and Seizure Lawyer

Kane County illegal search and seizure lawyer

Experienced Drug Charges Defense Attorney in Elgin, Illinois

When police officers or other law enforcement officials are investigating a crime, they need to gather evidence in order to support their case. The law is very specific with regard to how the evidence should be gathered and the rights of the person being investigated. Any violation of a person's rights during the investigation can create grounds to have any related evidence thrown out.

Illegal Search and Seizure: Your Constitutional Protections

The fourth amendment of the United States Constitution protects individuals from illegal search and seizure. If you are facing charges for a serious drug crime, illegal search and seizure gives Kane County attorneys a strong starting point from which to build your defense. If your home or car was searched without a warrant or probable cause, illegal search and seizure can provide a way to suppress any evidence that was gathered in those searches.

I am Elgin, IL unlawful search lawyer Brian J. Mirandola, and I provide comprehensive defense representation to clients facing charges for any type of crime. As a former Assistant State's Attorney in Kane County, I saw firsthand how an illegal search could derail the prosecution's case. As your defense lawyer, I use my experience on both sides of criminal cases to identify and exploit illegal search and seizure in the course of defending your rights.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, I can challenge the search of your home, your car, or your person if you did not give your consent or the police did not have probable cause. If there were flaws in the search warrant the policed used as their authority to conduct a search, or if the police overstepped the scope of the authority provided by the warrant, I will petition the court to have any evidence produced by the search suppressed.

Talk to a Dedicated Elgin, IL Unlawful Search Lawyer

Contact my office today to schedule a free initial consultation to learn more about illegal search and seizure as a potential defense in your case. I represent clients in Elgin and communities throughout Kane County and the surrounding areas of the Chicago, Illinois region. Call 847-488-0889.

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