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Driver’s License Suspensions and Driving Permits in Kane County

Having your driver’s license suspended or revoked can cause a major inconvenience for you and your family. Most of us depend on our vehicles to get us to and from work. Some also use their vehicles commercially, meaning a suspension can put them out of business, at least for a while. If you are dealing with a driver’s license suspension in Illinois, it is possible to have your license reinstated or, in the worst-case scenario, secure a driving permit so you can still drive to work.

I am Elgin, IL criminal defense lawyer Brian J. Mirandola. I have practiced in the Chicagoland area for the past 20 years and spent seven of those years as Kane County assistant prosecutor. As a former prosecutor, I have an in-depth understanding of the entire process and what it takes to craft a successful defense strategy. I put my experience to work to help Illinois drivers avoid suspensions and/or get their licenses back as quickly as possible. I do not offer false hope. What I do offer is honest, straightforward, and personalized guidance on the best way forward to secure a positive outcome for you.

Causes for Driver’s License Suspensions

In Illinois, your license may be suspended for one of several reasons, including:

There are instances when a driver is unaware that his/her license has been suspended. This can occur when the Illinois Secretary of State’s office sends out an automated notice of suspension to an old address, and you did not receive it. You may have sent the SOS a change of address, but it can sometimes take a while for their system to be updated. In these cases, driver’s license reinstatements are often possible.

Driver’s License Suspensions and DUIs

When you are arrested for DUI, you have 90 days to attend an administrative hearing to determine if your license will be suspended. What few people realize is that your attorney can appear in court within 30 days to fight to have your suspension delayed or voided. This preemptive strike can often be effective in keeping the suspension from ever occurring in the first place.

If you are facing a driver’s license suspension, you should not give up without a fight. I know that your driver’s license is important to you and your family. As a skilled Elgin, IL criminal defense lawyer, I will fight aggressively to protect your rights and help you avoid a suspension. If you do end up losing your license, I will work to secure a driving permit so you will be able to drive to work and continue on with your career. Contact my office at 847-488-0889 today for a free consultation.

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