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Four Common Traffic Violation Charges to Avoid in Illinois

 Posted on March 09, 2022 in Traffic violations

Kane County traffic violations lawyerMinor traffic violations may seem relatively unimportant in everyday life. An occasional traffic ticket for speeding or running a stop sign is seen as irritating rather than a legitimate legal concern for most drivers. However, traffic violations that accumulate can become a real problem for a driver in the state of Illinois. Points from violating traffic laws add up quickly on your driving record, which can lead to a license suspension or revocation. Below are four common traffic violations you should avoid when driving in Illinois. 

Speeding Violations 

On most roads, the speeding limit will be posted on a sign. Depending on the type of road you are on, speed limits range from 15 miles per hour on a rural alleyway, 30 miles per hour on urban district roads, 55 miles per hour on other roads and highways, and between 65 to 70 miles per hour on highways and interstate roads. If you are pulled over for driving above the posted speed limit, you could be facing fines anywhere from $120 to $2,500. Aggravated speeding violations are more severe and classified as misdemeanors that could result in jail time. Twenty-six miles per hour or higher over the speed limit is classified as aggravated speeding in Illinois.

Texting and Driving Citations

Illinois law prohibits any drivers from using a cellphone or other electronic device while driving. Bluetooth or other hands-free services are permitted only for drivers 19 years old and older. Drivers can be fined or receive a citation for texting while driving, adding points to a driver's license. If a driver causes an accident due to distracted driving, that driver may face other criminal charges such as increased fines or jail time.

Running Red Lights 

One of the easiest traffic violations to avoid is running a red light on a street. The lights on the street signals will indicate whether a driver should accelerate, slow down, or stop altogether — green meaning go, yellow meaning slow, and red meaning stop. Drivers that accelerate at a yellow or red light may be pulled over for running a red light, resulting in a fine and points on a license. Even if a police officer does not pull over a driver for running a red light, street cameras may capture the event on camera. 

School Zone Violations 

Illinois drivers must understand school zone traffic laws when driving. On a school day and within a school zone, drivers may not exceed 20 miles per hour until they have left the school zone. Typically, yellow flashing lights indicate a school dismissal or drop-off period. There may also be signs posted on the side of the road with the daily times the school zone becomes active. Drivers may be charged with a class B misdemeanor for going 26 to 34 miles per hour in a school zone or a class A misdemeanor for 35 miles per hour or above. There are also hefty fines associated with speeding in a school zone. 

A Kane County Traffic Violation Attorney Can Help Contest Your Ticket 

If you have received a traffic violation while driving in Illinois, it is in your best interest to contest the ticket and have points removed from your driver's license. At the The Law Office of Brian J. Mirandola, our Elgin traffic violation attorney has years of experience eliminating points off a license, contesting tickets, and helping drivers reclaim their suspended or revoked licenses. For a free consultation with our office, please call 847-488-0889 to schedule an appointment. 



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