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What Happens if I Fail to Report a CDL Violation in Illinois?

 Posted on March 16, 2022 in Traffic violations

Kane County traffic violations lawyerMany drivers receive traffic violations at some point during their driving career. Whether a driver rolled through a stop sign, accidentally ran a red light, or was cited for speeding, drivers may have to pay a fine or receive points on their driving record. However, commercial drivers, including truck drivers, are held to higher legal standards than regular drivers on the road. Commercial vehicle operators cited with a traffic violation must report the ticket to the Secretary of State’s office. Failure to report a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) violation to the state can result in severe legal and professional penalties. 

What is a CDL Violation? 

A Commercial Driver’s License, or CDL, is issued to a commercial driver operating special vehicles. These vehicles usually include trucks or trailers carrying heavy, large, or hazardous materials. There are three classes of a CDL depending on the type of materials that the vehicle is transporting:

  • Class A CDL — This license includes tractor-trailers, trailer combinations, tanks, vehicles for livestock, and flatbed trucks.
  • Class B CDL — A Class B CDL may include straight trucks, buses, box trucks, and dump trucks.
  • Class C CDL — A Class C license includes hazmat vehicles, passenger vans, and other miscellaneous vehicles not covered by Classes A or B. 

Having a CDL comes with special regulations to ensure that other drivers are safe and protect the companies from liabilities on the road. These regulations include:

  • Voluntary participation in alcohol and drug tests 
  • Blood alcohol concentration under 0.04 at all times when operating a vehicle 
  • Only using truck transportation for its intended use given by the owning company 
  • Following all traffic laws on the road 

Failure to follow any of these regulations can result in a CDL violation. Drivers must report this violation to the state.

Consequences for Failing to Report 

CDL drivers must report any violation of an Illinois commercial driver’s license to the Secretary of State’s office within a timely fashion. If a CDL driver loses their ability to drive in any state or loses driving privileges for any period of time, that individual has 30 days to report the incident to both their employer and the state. Failing to report these violations to the state and the company that the truck belongs to can result in losing the license and potentially the job itself. If you  have received a CDL violation for a traffic incident or other regulatory citation, it is in your best interest to seek legal counsel to help you submit the incident in a report and avoid legal and professional penalties. 

Obtain Legal Counsel for a CDL Violation in Elgin, Illinois 

Commercial driver’s licenses are essential for many individuals to maintain their livelihood. At The Law Office of Brian J. Mirandola, our office understands how important it is to maintain a CDL and report or remove any violations that would affect an individual’s ability to work. Elgin, Illinois, defense attorney Brian J. Mirandola has experience defending clients with CDL violations and other traffic offenses. We offer a free consultation with our office to examine the details of your case. Please call 847-488-0889 to schedule with us. 



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